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We are committed to supplying the nanotechnology research and industrial community with the highest quality Carbon Nanotubes -CNTs and Graphene at the lowest prices, whether you're an independent researcher or a large-volume user of Carbon Nanotubes-CNTs.  We are driving the price of Carbon Nanotubes-CNT's down to help usher in the Carbon Nanotubes-CNTs Application Age, the period when more and more Carbon Nanotubes -CNTs applications will become cost-effective.

Our Carbon Nanotubes-CNTs are of similar or higher quality than many of our competitors.   We have proven ourselves to be reliable and consistent with a broad product selection, large Carbon Nanotubes-CNTs output capabilities, and very high quality throughout our four years of operation.

Our products also include Carbon Nano-tubes Series, metallic and non-metallic nano-powders, High purity nano-compounds, etc.

If you would be interested in hearing more about any of these products or programs, please feel free to contact us at: Email info@creative-nanotech.com or Call 631-559-9269.

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